Friday, 4 November 2011

Week 2 Result

Who is doing that voiceover intro?? "Assstro" says the voiceover guy. UK's Peter Dickson would never say 'ass'. And even if he had slipped up he would have done it with style. This guy sounds like the love child of Marge Simpson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh well, it's over soon enough and on comes Steve. I think it's Steve. he's waving his arms around a lot but unfortunately the camera is miles away and it looks as if he's doing a James Bond impression from a distance. Please someone, tell the autocue operator to run it faster or we'll have ad breaks in the middle of his sentences.

"Here... is... how... the... show... is... going... to... work." Oh boy. Has he never watched CSI? Americans talk quickly.

Now we get the twelve acts doing an approximation to Without You. But what is all this with the change in lyrics? Do SYCO get a discount on the performance fee? it's With Or Without You!! Poor Nilsson.

Then we get the results and even longer pauses than XFUK's Dermot O'Leary does in the finals. I think Pepsi must have called up and he seems to get a message from someone and speeds up. Someone somewhere had calculated that gaps that long times seven would take them to the end of the programme slot. We see surprised looks as Leroy gets through and I'm wondering if I'm going to regret making predictions. Lakoda Rayne next. I may have got this wrong and misread the voting audience. Finally, it's down to InTENsity and Stereo Hogzz. Now, I am surprised to see Stereo Hoggz there.

They do their rescue song and made a nice job of it. The lead is still oddly nervous but, this time, he gets away with it. InTENsity give a great, lively song. Am I watching Glee? (OK, I guess everyone says that. Sorry. I won't do it again.) Quite a few dodgy notes, though. I would have still kept them as I think they'll improve and could be a very successful product.

Only Simon agrees, however, and the other three save Stereo Hoggz. So it's farewell to the annoying little one, some good talent and some not so good, as they can now all get back to their algebra homework again.