Monday, 14 November 2011

Last Post for XFNow

As a writer and music lover it has been a been a pleasure to provide The View From Across The Pond on XFNow! this season. Herb Longs, the enthusiast behind the scenes maintained the site and who had previously kept us all informed on American Idol affairs through AINow!, however, is taking time out for studies and personal things so those sites will be no more.

I was pleased to have provided the last post for his followers and wish him and his colleagues all the best.

I shall, of course, carry on here and, without the constraints of wondering whether what I say might get him into trouble, perhaps feel able to add a little more spice to the recaps! There are many sites and blogs out there doing the X Factor Review Dance and one or two are doing a great job and mercifully not telling us when Pia sang the national anthem at some game or pie shop opening gala. Here are those I can recommend. Sorry, but only one for USA at the moment! Hopefully I find someone somewhere that keeps things up to date and not covered in adverts.

X factor USA
X Factor UK
X Factor Updates
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