Saturday, 23 November 2013

Never mind the results. One Direction still lead the British invasion.

First to go is Khaya Cohen. It was a slight surprise as, whilst hers had been a terrible performance, I thought she'd still catch more votes than Lillie or Tim and had Lillie down as the first.

One Direction perform The Story Of My Life really well and remind everyone that coming 3rd is OK!

Mario announces the seven acts safely through: Rion, Josh, Alex & Sierra, Lillie (1st surprise), Jeff, Ellona (2nd surprise) and Restless Road. That leaves Carlito and Tim to fight for the judges' votes.

So who'll go? I'm writing this live so I have no idea. With two of Paulina's acts in the frame, it'll be down to the other three. Simon will send Tim home. Demi too, I think. Kelly may take Tim's side and Paulina is, I feel, inclined to choose Carlito to stay but may not feel comfortable deciding. It is normal in this circumstances for the judge to abstain and that would send Tim home. If, by chance, Demin sends Carlito home then Paulina may vote to make it 2-2 and thus down to who came 9th in the voting.

My clear preference for the programme would be Carlito to stay as I think he could pull something extra out and make himself modern and appealing. Not to these voters, maybe, but he does stand a chance and duets with Ellona would look cool later on. Tim is just a bit tedious and needs to go now.

Tim sings the Westlife number, still staying with the Brit theme, interestingly. Quite good and suits him but not really a song for a 2014 new talent show. He is probably annoyed that he got in the Boys section and not as part of Simon's Restless Road where, actually, he cpuld have fitted quite nicely. In fact, it's never too late and, if I were Simon, that's exactly what I'd do. It would be a bit controversial but what the hell. More publicity for the flagging show's mid-series ratings.

Carlito does a super version of a Bruno Mars number and actually this is by far and away the best he has sung throughout the competition. Excellent. He has to stay after that, surely. I would expect Kelly to swirch to him too.

Kelly sends Tim home. Demi too. I am surprised Paulina is asked but she does abstain after all. Mario pushes her and should realise that he doesn't need a name if Simon saves Carlito. I guess it makes good TV. I thought Simon would have said something and saved her having to do that. Anyway, right choice this time.