Thursday, 3 October 2013

It's Charleston and South Carolina Time

So Simon, Demi, Kelly and Paulina have another couple of gigs in search of someone to entertain us between now and Christmas.

Big, really good-looking all American boy is first up. I wonder if he's one of those 1 in 4 that believes the World was created in 7 days. Andrew Scholtz can sing in tune but he's just sort of average to listen to. Demi is spot-on in her first comments and that was brave for a 21 year old girl who must have fancied him. Simon gets him to do another number and he turns round a Good Ol' Country track and gets 4 yesses after all.

If that was set up then it was cleverly done as the guy did look temporarily at a loss when asked for a second number. That might have just been him trying to remember what he'd been told to do while the cameras weren't running just before, of course.

Blake Shankle is another hugely attractive lad but he can't sing as well as the previous guy at all and sort of mangles all the words at the end. I am sure the audience must have been signed to stay quiet as no-one made any noise at all and that can only have been in response to production team holding up 'NO NOISE' boards. He is pretty upset to get four noes,

Lucretia Harrris is dreadful. Brandy looks and sounds awful. It looks like it doesn't get any better for some time. Later, with Paulina missing through sickness, things continue.

Ellona Santiago sings Wings by Little Mix. Lots of energy and a strong, if slightly frantic, performance. She reminds me very much of Jessica Sanchez so she'll be through and may come 2nd. Ah! We learn that she's the second survivor of InTENsity to make it through - 'the one in the red jacket' that Simon had picked out in Season 1. He appeared genuinely not to remember her and I didn't either although the name did seem familiar and I must look through my reviews to see if I'll find her! You would think that that would have been prominent on the slips the judges get about the candidates.

Stone Martin is a young teen. We haven't seen many of them this year. A cute little boy that the little girls will all fall in love with. He does Little Things quite well. Cute. I think he'd be better in a year or two, though. Could be a difficult decision. No, all of them put him straight through, no messing. Great name. I feel for the poor fellow, though, as I am sure he'll be told to come back another year somewhere along the way, accompanied by tears.

Ashly Williams. Big build up. Well worth it as she performs the anthem I Will Always Love You perfectly, Not bad for a simple audition with a mic and a backing track. Very few get that track right first time from start to finish. That has to be one of the best auditions this year - and a good stand out for all three Seasons. Obviously through. Cue Hallelujah which reflects the success of Alexandra Burke on to the slightly similar-looking girl and then cue her family to run on. Bit staged but OK. This is X Factor, after all.